Date: 21 - 25 May 2024
The country: Turkmenistan
City: Ashgabat
Format: Business visit
Organizer: Mogilev branch of the BelCCI
Participation: Paid
Start of the event: 21.05.2024 12:00:00 am
End of registration: 20.03.2024 12:00:00 am
The contact person is Olga  Zhilina, tel./fax +375 222 778032, +375 44 735 00 30, e-mail:

In order to strengthen and expand trade and economic relations between the Republic of Belarus and Turkmenistan, the Mogilev branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites you to take part in a business visit to Turkmenistan, Ashgabat city, within the period from May 21 to May 25, 2024.

The visit program is planned:

May 21: flight Minsk-Moscow-Ashgabat;

May 22: arrival, meeting at the Embassy of Belarus in Turkmenistan, discussion of the features of economic policy and prospective areas of cooperation with Turkmenistan;

May 23: business meeting and B2B negotiations with Turkmen enterprises;

May 24: visit to the international exhibition “White City Ashgabat 2024” (for reference: in 2023 the exhibition of the economic potential of Turkmenistan brought together 140 exhibitors, including 11 foreign companies, ministries and industry authorities, private enterprises and entrepreneurs);

May 25: flight Ashgabat-Moscow, then - transfer by minibus Moscow-Minsk.

Additional conditions for participation in the event:

The cost of participation for one representative will be based on the number of the participants and will be announced additionally. Additional expenses: air ticket is purchased by reservation of the Mogilev branch of the BelCCI (from 880 euro); accommodation in Turkmenistan - up to $135 per day; daily allowance 80$, visa – 35$.