About the Committee

Minutes of the BelCCI Presidium meeting No. 2 of June 15, 2020


on the Committee of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and
Industry for Export Development and Foreign Economic Integration

1. The Committee of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Export Development and Foreign Economic Integration (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) is an expert body, set up to review and discuss the following:

proposals on building up and diversifying Belarusian exports, improving mechanisms and instruments to support export activities;

barriers to implementation of foreign economic activity, especially within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union and proposals from the Belarusian business on how to eliminate them;

regulatory legal acts affecting foreign economic activity;

interaction between the business and the state in the area of foreign economic activity and proposals for its improvement;

other issues of export development and foreign economic integration, which might be of interest to Belarusian business.

2. The Committee is not a legal entity, a separate entity or a structural subdivision of the BelCCI, it has been set up on the basis of the decision of the BelCCI Presidium and it is financed from the BelCCI funds.

3. The work of the Committee is organized in the form of meetings, which are held as needed.

4. The meetings of the Committee may be attended by representatives of the business community, educational institutions, research and other organizations, state and supranational bodies, as well as international organizations.

5. The Committee is headed by a chairman, who is appointed by the Chairman of the BelCCI, and who carries out his activities on a voluntary basis.

The Chairman of the Committee compiles a list of issues to be reviewed and discussed at the Committee meetings, facilitates the Committee meetings, submits proposals to the Chairman of the BelCCI on the Committee activities improvement.

In the absence of the Chairman of the Committee, the meeting of the Committee is facilitated by the Chairman of the BelCCI or another person authorized by him.

6. Committee meetings are organized and prepared by the Secretary, who is appointed by the Chairman of the BelCCI from among the employees of the BelCCI.

The Secretary of the Committee has to:

collect information, reference and other materials necessary to hold a Committee meeting;

form a list of participants of a Committee meeting and invite them;

prepare the agenda and draft minutes of a Committee meeting.

7. The Committee meetings are recorded, as a rule, as minutes, which are signed by the Chairman and the secretary of the Committee.