Legal Day at the BelCCI
12 April 2024

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hold a Legal Day. This is a unique event organized by the BelCCI for the first time for senior executives and employees of enterprises, managers of large and medium-sized businesses, lawyers and those working in international trade, export and import, as well as for the entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business internationally. The aim is to present really relevant and demanded legal tools to support foreign economic activity with practical examples of their application, to provide the BelCCI member enterprises with expert advice on the issues they are interested in.    

Denis Meleshkin, Deputy Chairman of the BelCCI, opened the business program of the Legal Day. In his speech, he emphasised the uniqueness of this event, which is its practical orientation.

"When preparing of the experts' speeches, we focused on the current and important issues of legal support for foreign economic activity, which Belarusian business entities have addressed the BelCCI with. The event provides for the use of various presentation formats: reports, answers & questions, analysis of practical situations. This is the first Legal Day held in this format, but we see a high level of interest and the maximum possible number of participants. Similar seminars will be held in the future. We will change formats, topics, experts in order to examine in detail all spheres of foreign economic activity," Denis Meleshkin stated.

The programme of the event includes the following topics: "Models for the settlement of foreign economic disputes in arbitration. Recognition and enforcement of decisions", "Force Majeure: what you need to know today", "Plaintiff's procedural documents: an inside look", "Collection of receivables from abroad", "Sanctions compliance: minimising the risks of working with non-residents", "Acceptance for quantity and quality under a contract for the international sale of goods", "Patent purity and patentability testing".

The first part of the seminar included practice-oriented presentations by lawyers, arbitrators and patent attorneys. For the participants of the event, experts have prepared a set of effective tools and proven methodologies in the field of foreign economic activity. The experts' reports were supported by real examples from practice, which were examined and analysed in detail.

In the second part of the event, representatives of the BelCCI member enterprises, who chose the "Premium" package, had the opportunity to hold individual meetings with the experts of the Chamber with detailed consideration of specific issues.