Participation of Chairman of the BelCCI Mikhael Miatlikov in the opening of international specialised exhibitions in the field of mechanical engineering and metalworking in Minsk
9 April 2024

The Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mikhael Miatlikov took part in the opening ceremony of the international specialised exhibitions "Metalworking", "Mechanical Engineering", "Welding and Cutting", "Powder Metallurgy", "Corrosion Protection. Coatings", "Litmetexpo. Casting and Metallurgy", united in a large-scale industrial-technological and scientific forum.

Exhibitions are hosted by the Minsk Football Manege. The industrial and technological forum covers a wide range of technologies and developments in metalworking, welding, machine building, foundry production, structural materials, and resource saving. About 200 participants from Belarus, Russia, China, Israel, Korea, Sweden, Türkiye, Italy and other countries present their equipment and materials.

Welcoming the exhibitors and organizers of the exhibitions, the Chairman of the BelCCI noted that the topic of mechanical engineering and metallurgy has not lost its relevance over the years, but has received new content and development. "Metalworking today cannot do without innovations. This is what unites on this exhibition platform those who are partial to new technologies in industry, new experimental approaches in metalworking, combining highly skilled labour and artificial intelligence, and, of course, those who have come here not for the first time to meet future partners," – Mikhael Miatlikov said.

He also expressed confidence that the rich business programme of the forum, specialized conferences and seminars will provide all participants with the opportunity to exchange experience, raise their professional level and find new partners.