Foreign languages

Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is recruiting students for courses in the following areas:

  • English language (business and general courses)
  • Italian
  • German (business and general courses)
  • French (language for international negotiations)
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Arabic

It is difficult to learn a new language on your own. The issue is about the time spent, funds for training materials and lack of methods. Therefore, the most rational and effective option is to attend foreign language courses. After attending our classes you will, for sure, start speaking and writing in your chosen language. You will easily understand and use it for free communication. We teach not only languages, but also motivation to improve your level!

5 reasons to choose our language courses in Minsk

Many people want to learn languages, but they find thousand reasons to do it “later”. All “tomorrows” and “laters” will never come, if you do not see the learning objectives. Each has its own tasks and plans, but we have identified 5 main reasons to enroll on the course:

  1. Knowing a new language will help you to be more competitive, get the promotion or change a job. During the course we teach to communicate freely with business partners and make presentations to the foreigners.
  2. If you already have a certain level of language proficiency, it can be effectively improved in the courses. Most often it is of current interest of those who plan to enter a foreign university in the future.
  3. Language courses are inevitably chosen by travelers. After attending our courses you will be able to be more independent in your travelling, communicate freely with the foreigners and not limit yourself in traveling because of the language barrier.
  4. Having a good command of a foreign language, you will be able to read foreign literature in the original such as books, newspapers and research articles. You will be able to watch movies and TV series without translation and voice acting, which often distort the original message.
  5. And finally – your circle of acquaintances will expand. You will be able to communicate with the foreigners not only through a translating and messenger applications, but also personally with making acquaintances while traveling abroad.

Language courses are held in Minsk in the evening, so you can easily combine them with study or work.

We employ experienced teachers with awards, international diplomas and certificates. Many of them publish their own teaching materials, research articles and monographs.

An individual approach is guaranteed to each student during the courses. We specially recruit small groups so that the teacher can pay attention to everyone. You will study in a group with people having the same level of language proficiency as yours. Therefore, there will be comfortable meetings for everyone, without fear of making mistakes or not being able to do something. Before classes beginning we conduct a preliminary test, according to the results of which the groups are formed.

Contact us! Looking forward to seeing you in our classes.

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