Foreign programs

Visits to the leading foreign industry enterprises, demonstrations of technological processes, innovative approaches to enterprises activities’ organization, discussion tables, direct business contacts establishment with foreign companies are not only helping Belarusian enterprises in mastering new management strategies, analysing risk sources, but in strengthening economic ties and gaining access to foreign markets

Modern approaches to the development of the dairy and cheese-making industry;
Current trends in the consumer goods industry development;
Innovative strategies for organizing banking activities.

The cost of a foreign educational and business program for corporate training is calculated on the basis of the following parameters:

  1. Country of training/internship
  2. Training/internship program
  3. Means of transport and living conditions
  4. Program duration
  5. Number of participants
  6. Organizational conditions

We are ready to provide a training program of interest in any country at your request.

Peculiarities of automobile construction industry
Waste processing and utilization
Energy management and energy efficiency
Innovations in construction
Financial and non-financial personnel motivation
Finance and economic service management
Enterprise management

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