Useful information

The examination of the quantity and quality of goods is an important stage in the process of the delivery contract execution. However, in order to minimize the risks associated with misdelivery and protection of claims in a court, the parties shall settle the acceptance procedure of goods at concluding a contract.

The company can protect itself against losses associated with short delivery of goods and delivery of inadequate quality by providing for the participation of an expert of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry at acceptance of goods.

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, Regulation No. 1290 of September 3, 2008, “On Ratification of Regulation of the Acceptance of Goods in terms of Quantity and Quality”, provides for such right.

Examination performed by the regional unitary enterprises of the BelCCI can ensure the security of foreign trade and delivery contracts execution.

Our enterprises provide a full range of services from the traditional examination of quantity, quality and completeness of goods to unique expert examination.

The unitary enterprises of the BelCCI will provide services for the examination of quantity, quality, completeness of goods, machinery, equipment, raw materials, materials, components, consumer goods based on the civil law contract concluded and for a fee.