Advantages of valuation in the BelCCI
Мы ценим вас и ваше имущество
  • Valuation of all types of property for any purposes
  • Independent valuation for more than 60 years
  • Multi-branched networks of regional unitary enterprises, branches and representative offices in six cities and 30 towns
  • More than 80 highly skilled certified experts
  • Leading position at the valuation market
  • Right to evaluate state-owned facilities
Types of objects of valuation
Valuation objectives
Pledging (mortgage)
Assessment of the value of the property to be used as the subject of mortgage for receiving a loan from a bank.
Making a contribution in kind to the authorized capital of a legal entity
Assessment of the value of the property to be used as a non-monetary deposit to the statutory fund of a newly established entity.
Fixed assets re-valuation
Assessment of the market and/or residual value of fixed assets being part of profitable investments into stocks of materials, equipment to be installed for accounting purposes
Implementation of managerial decisions

Property value assessment for:
confirmation of the declared imported property customs value; entry into the books of excess of assets identified during inventory count and assets received free of charge;
itemization (allocation) of the inventory item initial cost; sale of property which was exempted, seized or transferred to the state revenue; others not contradicting to the applicable law.

Purchase and sale (variation of rights (use, control) of objects of civil rights)
Sale without auctioning or competition;
sale of property under the economic insolvency procedure (bankruptcy);
gratuitous alienation (transfer);
granting for free use, rent, trust management;
property inheritance;
and etc.
Settlement of property disputes
Assessment of the facility cost for a property dispute claims, including the assessment of the property before and after damage, taking into account (excluding) recoverable and irreparable wear and tear, assessment of the refurbishment cost, including the cost of the facility restoration services and the cost of materials.
3 steps for valuation
1 File documents
File documents 1 Provide all documents that allow to identify the object of valuation, prove its characteristics and ownership
2 Conclude a contract
Conclude a contract 2

Conclusion of a civil law contract for the provision of services to value the objects of civil rights.

Writing a valuation assignment.

3 Get valuation report
Get valuation report 3 You’ll get an opinion and valuation report based on the results of the valuation.
Where to get an estimate
View address list
Regional representative office in Bobruisk
2, M.Gorkogo St., 213809 Bobruisk
+375 (225) 72 06 99
+375 (225) 72 66 15
Mogilev Branch of the BelCCI
1, Tsiolkovskogo St., 212022 Mogilev
+375 222 778 031
Regional representative office in Krichev
29, Microdistrict Sozh St., 213495 Krichev
+375 (2241) 6 45 09

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