Foreword by the Chairman of the BelCCI Mikhael Miatlikov

№ 4, 2023


Dear friends!

By a fortunate coincidence, to finalize the year we have prepared for you the 100th anniversary edition of the Mercury newsletter. The periodical has become a chronicle not only of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but, first of all, of your business success, your achievements, your victories and triumphs – everything that you would like to share within the covers of our newsletter.

And the departing year is just a confirmation of that. I am very pleased to note that this year we have grown in numbers: almost 100 new members joined the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – those who are ready to expand their business boundaries and commercial capacity.

This year we have rediscovered our promising trading partners not only in East Asia, but also on the African continent. There is mutual commitment to increase cooperation with Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea and other countries.

The participation of Belarusian companies in the INNOPROM International Industrial Exhibition held in Yekaterinburg, where Belarus was a partner country, can certainly be called a success. Thanks to your intelligence and diligence, business creativity and ability to withstand the most difficult economic conditions, we all managed to present the export strength and achievements of Belarus at the most reputable exhibition platform in the best possible way.

The participation of Belarusian enterprises in the China International Import Expo in Shanghai was unique and inimitable, which was without exaggeration the brightest exhibition event and, I am sure, will go down in the history of national expositions of the Republic of Belarus.

Almost 500 domestic enterprises and organizations effectively presented their products and services under the Made in Belarus brand at international exhibitions worldwide.

Your entrepreneurial skills, high quality of goods and products, novel approach, aspiration to grow, along with Belarusian openness to cooperation were very appealing not only to the organizers of the most recognized exhibitions, but also representatives of other countries, which will allow us to invite you next year to exhibitions held all over the world – in the Middle East and Asian region, African continent and Latin America, post-Soviet countries and Europe.

The 19 enterprises that made it to the top at "The Best Exporter of the Year" national contest were all triumphant. It is a sign of quality of your professional accomplishments to be recognized at such a high level.

However, I am sure your personal calendars feature numerous highlights allowing to make ambitious plans for the next year, which, as you know, has been declared the Year of Quality.

We witness that many enterprises with which we have been working together for many years have already reached a high performance level, and we are ready to support our time-proven relationship by offering a new BelCCI Premium membership program as a decent addition to our partnership.

Understanding the importance of informal and open dialogue with export-oriented producers, we are planning to continue it next year at exhibitions, fairs, business meetings and platforms to compile your best suggestions and ideas to bring about positive changes in our joint activities.

We do hope that due to our common desires and efforts, next year the Made in Belarus label on Belarusian products will be appearing more often in various locations around the world.


Mikhael Miatlikov,

Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry