The Republican contest the Best Exporter of the Year is held for producers of the goods and services of international standard on the basis of the objective data.

Taking part in this contest the company has an opportunity to present itself as a successful and steadily operating company. Hundreds of companies from all the regions of the country representing an entire range of Belarusian business activity, from small business representatives to the largest enterprises being the domestic industry leaders, became the contest laureates.

Mechanical engineering and metal working
Light industry
Dairy industry
Organization of small and medium-sized businesses in the production sector
Information technology development
Transport and logistics
Stages of the competition
Start of the contest qualifying stage
Determined by departmental (regional) competitive commissions independently
The departmental (regional) contest commissions define a deadline for the acceptance of contest cards
The departmental (regional) contest commissions transfer the results of the qualifying stage to the BelCCI
March – April
Contest final stage – processing and analysis of the entry forms on main and extra criteria
Meeting of the contest commission – election on the contest winners
Winner award ceremony
Our winners
Feedback from participants
Генеральный директор ОАО «Гродненский мясокомбинат»
Director General of Grodno Meat Packing Plant OJSC Oleg Ivanov

“It is worth noting that I am proud of my staff. In spite of the fact that 2019 was a tough year both for the sector in general and for our separate enterprise, we have able to implement all the ideas. We made our first deliveries into the markets of the Caucasus countries such as Azerbaijan and Georgia and made a great work on the entry into the Chinese market, which allowed us cooperate tightly with Chinese partners as early as March this year”.

Ректор учреждения образования «Гродненский государственный медицинский университет»
Rector of Grodno State Medical University Viktor Snezhitskiy

“Winning in the Best Exporter of the Year Contest means a successive recognition of achievements and goodwill of the university on foreign educational services market.”

Директор СООО «АлюминТехно»
Director of AluminTechno JLLC Sergey Sovetnikov

“Export development and diversification are the key tasks of the company that is why the winning in the Best Exporter Contest is too important for us. AluminTechno geography of deliveries includes Western European and Asian countries, the USA, Canada and Australia apart from the neighbouring countries. Development strategy of the company includes the continuous improvement of the products, their adaptation for target markets, service level enhancing due to the engineering and sales network development. Significant attention is given to the implementation of up-to-date production technologies, equipment upgrade and internal processes improvement”.

Генеральный директор ОАО «Белорусский металлургический завод – управляющая компания холдинга «Белорусская металлургическая компания»
Director General of Belarusian Steel Works OJSC – Belarusian Metal Company Holding Management Company Dmitry Korchik

“A well-known aphorism says: the first time is accidental, the second is coincident, the third is regular. The Best Exporter award has been granted to Belarusian Steel Works the sixth year in a row! It includes the skill, professionalism of the entire team of thousands of our enterprise; of people, whose hard work results in production of metal products being the Belarusian brand identity in dozens of the world countries. We are pleased to receive such a high appraisal of the works’ activities motivating its staff not to stop at what has been achieved, but continue to move forward finding new consumers and exploring new export countries”.

Генеральный директор унитарного предприятия «БТЛЦ»
Director General of BTLC Unitary Enterprise Andrey Sladkevich

“The granting of the Best Exporter 2019 award in ‘Transport and logistics’ nomination is an example of the correctness of the BTLC chosen course towards achieving maximum results and popularising transport and industrial potential of Belarus and a result of the expert team focused work”.

Директор ИООО «ВМГ Индустри»
Director of VMG Industry FLLC Kirill Vyborny

“People are our main value. The winning in the Contest became possible only thanks to the hard work of a united team of craft professionals. We congratulate all the employees of VMG Industry FLLC on this achievement. The more – the better!”.

Директор ЗАО «Штадлер Минск»
Director of Stadler Minsk CJSC: Philipp Brunner

“Since 2017 Stadler Minsk has been participating in the Best Exporter Contest competing with the largest Belarusian machine-building enterprises. We have managed to be on the top for the second time this year.

In 2019 Stadler Minsk CJSC set a kind of record for the production growth rate. If in 2018 an overall number of labour hours comprised 600 thousand hours, then in 2019 it comprised 1.4 million so far! It was required to create more than 600 new jobs for such a load. We have produced about 300 railroad cars for foreign and domestic markets over the past year. In 2020–2021 Stadler is going to penetrate the market of Slovenia, where the trains of various models will be delivered. Production and shipment of various components will be also continued under new contracts with customers from Poland and Spain”.

Генеральный директор ОАО «Буровая компания «Дельта»
Director General of Delta Drilling Company OJSC Nikolay Chernoshey

“Delta company is recognized as the best exporter of services. We are a powerful contractor in the field of piled foundation engineering, which nowadays consolidated its position in construction of the largest facilities in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The company is constantly developing, improving technologies for installing bored piles and their quality. If the export turnover of our services exceeded 34 million dollars last year, then we are planning to work even more and increase this figure up to 50 million dollars at this year end”.

Директор СП «Санта Бремор» ООО
Sergey Nedbaylov, Director of JV Santa Bremor LLC Sergey Nedbaylov

“Initially the company was intended to be not only as food products manufacturer for the Belarusian market, but also as an export-oriented enterprise. Since 2000 we have been working in the CIS markets, in the EU markets for 10 years in order to make our products recognizable and in-demand, so that the Santa Bremor brand is associated with a high-quality innovative product among the customers. The annual increase in export turnover confirms this, as well as the fact that the consumer trusts the company’s products”.

Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs of Svetlogorsk Pulp and Board Mill OJSC
Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs of Svetlogorsk Pulp and Board Mill OJSC Yuriy Berdovich

Winning in the competition of this level is a significant and very spectacular event for us and something to be proud of. It means that we are developing in the right direction. This is a confirmation of quality of the manufactured products and the result of hard work of specialists of various levels – from management to ordinary workers”.

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