Comprehensive organisation of participation in exhibitions, trade fairs, expositions in the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries

Despite the accelerated development of information technologies and the global digitalization of social interactions, participation in exhibitions and fairs remains one of the most effective and multifunctional marketing mechanisms for promoting the products (goods, works, services).

Exhibition activity helps to solve many tasks, including presentation of the company and its products, study of target markets, search for new markets, increasing the number of customers, introduction of a new product to the market, measuring the possible demand for a new product, search for new business partners, study of competitors’ proposals, positioning of products with due account of the competitors’ services, cultivation of the company's favorable image, direct sales of products, conclusion of contracts etc.

This mechanism of participation in exhibitions is actively used by both the world’s leading brands and specialized enterprises. This indicates the high demand and importance of the exhibition industry in the global economy. More than 30 thousand exhibition and fair events are held annually in the world.

The number of visitors at large exhibitions reaches a very impressive figure. Relatively small regional or highly specialized exhibitions can also yield good results - in particular, if the participant is interested in a specific region or target audience.

The BelCCI has the capacity and is ready to organize on a "turnkey basis” an exhibition at any level and anywhere in the world, whether it is an independent multi-trade or highly specialized exhibition, a collective exposition of several companies or an individual participation of one exhibitor.

Development of design and decoration of exhibitions, trade fairs, expositions and exhibition stands

A successful design solution and high-quality technical implementation allow the exhibition booth stand out even within the most extensive exposition and attract the attention of potential partners and clients, which is very important for successful participation in an exhibition.

BelCCI applies a client-oriented approach, which depends on the needs of the customer, the nature of the project and the available budget, which makes it possible to implement both complex customer-tailored design and standard booths made of typical exhibition equipment of Octanorm and Maxima.

A collective exposition is also an extremely popular format for participation in major international exhibitions. Sometimes large exhibitions present up to several dozens of such expositions.

This format is popular as it allows you comprehensively solve a number of issues. Such expositions usually occupy a fairly significant area. A comprehensive design solution using national aesthetics attracts the attention of visitors and presents the exhibitors in a favourable light. These expositions usually attract the attention of officials, diplomats, large business, trade associations, and media representatives. These expositions are accompanied by advertising campaigns and related business events.

The collective expositions of Belarusian manufacturers held by the BelCCI under the brands “Made in Belarus”, “Belarus - the Taste of Nature”, “Belarus - the Spirit of Comfort”, “Fibers That Surprise You” are widely known at the most popular key international exhibitions and fairs in dozens of foreign states.

Development of architectural and technical solutions and construction of exhibition stands (expositions), main and additional exhibition equipment, quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001

The exhibition stand of the company is a kind of mini-office, the face of the company at the exhibition. It is obvious that this site should become the most comfortable environment, surrounded by corporate symbols, display exhibits and samples, where it is most convenient to establish business contacts and negotiate with potential business partners. The number of negotiations, in this case, is limited only by the physical parameters of the exhibition booth (space and the number of chairs where guests can sit) and human potential (the number of employees and their ability for quick and efficient negotiation).

A correct choice of the booth location, its design and decoration attracting the attention of visitors, the optimal placement of display exhibits, samples and advertising materials, the correct selection of exhibition equipment allows to use the exhibition area with the maximum efficiency.

BelCCI has many years of successful experience in organizing and holding exhibitions at the highest level, highly qualified specialists (professional designers, project managers, exhibition construction engineers), production and technical potential, own exhibition equipment, a certified quality management system that meets international standards.

Marketing research of foreign markets, individual selection of international exhibitions

Extensive marketing research of the regions where the exhibition is held, including the analysis of promising niches in the local market and specific recommendations for potential partners facilitate the high-quality preparation and effective participation in an exhibition event. BelCCI performs such studies for Belarusian participants in national and other most significant exhibitions (expositions) abroad. Furthermore, workshops in the "Road show" format used to provide instructions and advise are traditionally held for the exhibitors of such events.

The extensive experience of participation in international exhibitions abroad and cooperation with a wide range of foreign exhibition organizers and major exhibition companies make it possible to provide an individual approach to an exhibition event for any client based on his area of interest and needs.

Organisation and holding of related business events, search and attraction of target business partners

Business events held within the framework of exhibitions and expositions (business forums, business cooperation councils, conferences, workshops, etc.) arranged by the BelCCI provide additional opportunities for participants to introduce the product, communicate with potential customers and establish business contacts.

Using the resources of partner-organizations (foreign chambers of commerce and industry, associations, unions, representatives abroad), the BelCCI provides broad information to foreign business community about exhibitions and expositions, invites them to attend events, participate in a business program, presentations, meetings, negotiations with Belarusian participants.

Handling of organisational travel issues (hotel booking, visa support, organisation of transfers, air tickets, insurance)

BelCCI offers a wide range of services for arranging business trips, promotes other issues related to participation in events: hotels selection and booking, search for the best air travel and purchase of air tickets, organization of transfers, visa support, advice on the conditions of entry and the specifics of stay in the host country, medical insurance and others.

Based on the client expectations and individual needs we can arrange an advertising and information campaign, provide other necessary services.

Cooperation with the BelCCI allows exhibitors save time on resolving the above-mentioned issues and focus on the main one - preparation for participation in the event.

Virtual exhibitions, online congress and exhibition events

The development of information technology makes it possible to hold exhibition events in an online format.

The functionality of online platforms used by different organizers vary significantly: some offer gamification and 3D-space, while others have a very basic design and strict functionality. Each of these options have both advantages and disadvantages, and their appropriateness depends on the specific goals of the company or project.

Having studied several dozens of online platforms options, the BelCCI has combined the effective solutions within its own platform and in 2020 held a range of virtual exhibitions of Belarusian manufacturers Made in Belarus Online, dedicated to various industries and aimed at presenting Belarusian products and services to business circles in different regions of the world. The exhibitions were accompanied by an extensive business program, in which business representatives and experts from dozens of countries took part along with Belarusian companies.

More detailed information on the virtual projects of the BelCCI is available on the website of Belinterexpo Unitary Enterprise.

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