Business forum of the Republic of Belarus and the Tyumen region of the Russian Federation
19 February 2024

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a business forum of the Republic of Belarus and the Tyumen region of the Russian Federation.

The event was attended by Deputy Governor, Director of the Department of Agro-Industrial Complex of the Tyumen Region Vladimir Cheymetov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus Denis Moroz, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen Region Olga Ezikeeva, more than 60 representatives of Belarusian and Tyumen enterprises and organizations.

The forum was moderated by Denis Meleshkin, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Welcoming the participants, he noted that this is the first major event with the Tyumen region organized by the chambers of commerce and industry in recent years. "We value our partnership with the Union "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Tyumen Region" and thank you for the organization of a business visit to Minsk. I hope it will be eventful and productive for representatives of Tyumen enterprises," Denis Meleshkin said.

Speaking about the potential of bilateral trade and economic relations, he emphasized that Belarus has much to offer its partners from Tyumen: "We are an export-oriented state, with developed industry, agriculture and service sector. I am sure that during the visit you will find even more productive and substantive proposals for cooperation with Belarusian companies."

The Deputy Chairman of the BelCCI also invited the Tyumen region business representatives to participate in major international exhibition and congress events in Belarus this year: the Belagro exhibition, the Belarusian Industrial and Innovation Forum, the forum and exhibition on information and communication technologies TIBO-2024, and others.

The Tyumen side representatives noted their interest in developing ties with Belarusian businesses and achieving new significant results of bilateral partnership in the near future.

After the plenary part of the forum, Belarusian participants had the opportunity to conduct B2B negotiations with representatives of more than 20 Tyumen enterprises and organizations working in such areas as the production of technological equipment for the oil and gas, energy and other industries, the production of petrochemical and electrical products, the development and production of trailed equipment for various purposes, supply of spare parts for special equipment, production of treatment facilities, drilling equipment, metal structures, polypropylene mesh, information technology, leasing, and others.