Corporate training

Corporate training is one of the directions aimed at providing Belarusian businesses with practice-oriented up-to-date training programs for personnel taking into account the specific nature, wishes and priorities of the enterprise. We hold corporate training for personnel on the most relevant and popular topics.

Events can be held in the formats of thematic workshops, consultation workshops, business trainings, webinars, round tables in the field of management, strategic planning, foreign economic activity, marketing, sales, finance, business etiquette, etc.

Whom is corporate training held for:company employees. The structure and size of the groups varies depending on the specific nature of the program.

The venue of the corporate training is agreed with the customer. Training with the departure of the teacher to the customer’s site, as well as the organization of a training site at the BelCCI premises are possible.

Corporate training dates are agreed with the customer. It is possible to study on weekdays and weekends, as well as in the format of morning classes (depending on the program type).

The cost of each corporate training session is calculated separately and depends on the duration and structure of the curriculum, structure of the experts involved, number of participants in the group and other factors.

Our approach to corporate training organization:

  • experienced speakers are recognized experts in their field
  • relevant and up-to-date training programs
  • maximum practice for effective study of the material
  • focus on the specific nature of a particular enterprise
  • post-support after the training completion

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